nora falk

I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. So, my first language is German, my taste palates are Italian, my soul is Irish, my music is anywhere but mainstream and my heart is where my mouth is.

By the way, did you know that germ. Eibisch was engl. Marshmallow? To those of you who remember munching on Eibischteig when having a cough this sure makes sense. My dictionary of choice is dict.leo.org.

In 1976 I spent my first language vacation in the south of England, in a little seaside town near Brighton called Seaford. My host family was Irene and David; the kids were Sharon, Andrew and Nigel. I adored them, and went back there for three consecutive summers. Their last name was Cowdrey in the first year and Crotty later on, and if you happen to know them please let me know.

My favorite subjects in school were English and Music, and eventually, after spending a few valuable years trying to influence student politics at Vienna University, I took these subjects at Vienna’s teacher training college.

Having taught at MediaHS Loquaiplatz for 2 ½ years, I met and married Alexander, and we now have 2 children.

In 2001 we made the decision to relocate to the US, and I have not regretted this decision once. People ask what I miss, and, Ilse, you were right, I do miss the G’staubten Wecken, and I miss my friends and the Kaffeehaus, and most of all, I miss the possibility to drive down to Venice within 7 hours. But other than that, I am profoundly happy here in Marblehead.

Fascinated by the great American tradition of quilt making, I hand pieced my first 20 blocks in 2002. Faced with yards of sashing strips, I bought a sewing machine and have been “churning out” beautiful quilts ever since.

The Quiltology available on this site includes a portfolio of the majority of my works with photos and descriptions. Please feel free to browse, and contact me if you find something that you like.

My favorite external quilt sites with lotsa links:

In my parenting-free and quilt-free time I am involved with the Marblehead Little Theatre as a singer/actress and pursuing another time-honored tradition: Viennese pastry making.