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an old world twist to a new world tradition

This headline is more than just a slogan on the website — it is the Quiltosophy that goes into the making of every quilt I produce.

From the combination of different techniques to the acquisition of fabrics in great European cities, such as Venice, Paris, and Vienna, there is a host of ingredients that express the fusion of old and new world in my art.

Exploring the great traditional patterns of American quilt-making and combining them with patterns found in the floors of Venetian palazzos gives rise to a whole new aesthetics.

There are three different ways to get a blue danube quilt for your home or as a gift for a loved one:

  • purchase an existing quilt from stock (coming soon)

  • pick a design from the Quiltology, then work with the artist to customize fabrics, patterns, layout

  • work with the artist to have an original blue danube quilt custom-designed for your occasion

For more information, please contact nora@bluedanubequilt.com or call 978-317-3791.